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IMA SMART is a unique mental maths program helping children excel at mental arithmetic. The idea was started by two senior mathematicians,  Mayji and Alan Siu, who developed a curriculum based upon traditional teaching methods in order to stimulate both sides of the brain using visualization of the abacus.

We started IMA SMART because we were passionate about using the abacus method to promote and improve mental arithmetic amongst young people.

From our humble beginnings in 2005, IMA SMART has proven time and again that it is the pioneer in mental development programmes for children. With over a decade of experience and extensive knowledge and expertise, IMA SMART has established its global presence to more than 15 countries. With about 250 centres worldwide and over 15000 students around the world, IMA SMART has created a new level of education that is beneficial to learners and also fun at the same time, generating more interest in learners.

Origins of the Program

Our mental arithmetic programme is a skill development programme that aims in bringing out the best in every child. The programme originated in TURKEY and is now taught in more than 15 countries. IMA SMART is focused on producing tangible results, enhancing creativity, concentration and confidence.

The Abacus (Mental Arithmetic)

The human brain is made of two sides, that is the right and the left. The left side of the brain which is associated with logic and analytical processing is well developed in most of the children through regular school curriculum. However, the right side which is the seat of intelligence associated in a large measure to increased learning ability, concentration, perceptual capabilities and imaging skills is not so well developed. IMA SMART programme aims at developing both sides of the brain, with a focus on exploiting the capabilities of the right side brain to the fullest degree possible through mental arithmetic.


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Professional education and training since 2005. We’ve developed a range of courses and programmes taught in 15 countries.


We’re specialists in mental maths and language courses with over 12 years of extensive experience. 

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We’re committed to educating and nurturing all students. It is our job to make every important aspect of the student experience a little bit better.

Academic & Career Progression 

Our professional language and mental maths courses help our students advance their knowledge and achieve their goals.

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